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Kevin   Zahri

Well, here are some photos of Kevin, well, ghaff
if you looking through this page, just wanna tell
you how much i miss you, yeah right hehehhehe, 
like I have nothing better to do than missing you..
huahahauha.Pi ra mabukk!! 
      Here I'll say some good stuff about this good
friend of mine.He has a brain!! I mean he really 
has a brain.(figure that out) He's always there when 
i need a friend, now that he is in the US, he's not
that very best friend anymore.. :( no lar... he's 
still great,infact,we communicate more often than 
usually,emails,IRC,ICQ. Thanx to Bill Gates!!!! 
       Whatelse is good about him, lemme think, 
he's nice, helpful,hardworking and caring.. a huh' 
(i'm talking about myself there.hehe)..He has a good 
sense of humour,and  there are times when he's crazy
and go wild.. well, just like me.. and that is why 
we hang around together!!!!
      And that's about him!!!(ghaff, gua dah jual 
saham ko!!!)
 ----- further details are still under construction----


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