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FAVOURITES : wanna know more about me, just click here.. about what my likes and dislikes, and how I look like
My Beloved Family: Can't live without them
Friends throughout my life, Seaport, MRSMpc, MCB: true friendship last forever
IRC and Best friends
College years (mcb): Here are my contibution to engineering students of Mara College Banting, the batch which got kicked out... IB egr 1 & 2
Family Photos: Pics of my family
My photos: Picture of me and me and me and me and me
Just A Thought

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Welcome to titanic,opppps, welcome to Firdaus' homepage

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Welcome   To   My   Simple   But   Neat   Homepage

 Hi friends, This homepage is to tell about myself. It should 
 contain my personal information and everything about me. I don't wanna
 make this hp dull as it already has... so i might as well start now. 
 Name: Mohd. Firdaus Mohd. Ghazali (fg)
 DOB:  17-01-1979 capricorn
 TOB:  9.05 pm (a night guy)
 POB:  Johor Bharu, Johor
 Email add:
 Phoneno: 03-2836817 @  016-7512463 
   Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Batu   Lanchang(1986-1991),
   Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Kampung Tunku(1991),
   Sekolah   Menengah   Seaport(1992-1994),
   Mara Junior Science College Pengkalan Chepa(1995-1996) 
   Mara College Banting(1997-1998)
   and Petronas University(1998-20??)
   Well, i guess that's about it... my personal info.. ! 
Holland could have won the World Cup!!!! sekarang aku dah tension.. but the match was the best ever in this WC98.. i think even final couldn't beat that match... !! utterly profesionals...