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College years photos & IB Engine: Photos of IB engineering students (egr 1 and egr2) and biodata of Ib egr students MCB
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PIC1:MCB Foyer
PIC2: Raya celebration
PIC3: Raya season
PIC4: Ib engine 1& 2

What   I   think   Of   Mara   College   Banting

Mara College Banting (MCB)
I have nothing much to say about this college except that it sucks. 
I’m lucky not to be in the college now, as all of us(my batch 97/99) 
were kicked out and transfered to various local U ‘s. I took up  IB 
(International Baccalaureate), because I wanted to further my studies
abroad, as I thought I can learn sophisticated technology in 
different and more advance country and transfer it into our country
( by the way, I wanna be an engineer). Unfortunately, government has 
decided not to send anymore students overseas as the economic and 
ringgit fall quite badly. Then Mara(my sponsor) decided to shift us
(the IB and A-level) into local U. Even though I was  in that college
in not even a year, but it gave me such an impact  until  every time
in I sleep, nightmares occur. Well, actually in every good thing 
there’d definitely be a bad thing and vice versa or else we could not
distinguish which is which.

IB   ENGINEERING      STUDENT   (egr1   and   egr2)   97/98

IB Engineering Class (pics will be added later)
engineering one               engineering two
Meor Hamzah(jinbotak)         Firdaus Ghazali
Shahrul(gabra)                Shiraz Khan(estacado)
Rodzan                        Hatim jamaluddin(gohan/goku)
Hamzaini(Awie)                Nazmin(John)
Fadzli(kuyak,keyek)           Imran(m’re)
Fauzi(pau)                    Fuad
Zambree(Z/A.long)             Asfia(celup)
Yopy (yopi sosiawan)          Abdul Rashid
Zaza                          Rimi Masputria(rimi/masput)
Min                           Khairul Amilin(karim)
Feda                          Aminiza(amy)

I really enjoyed my stay in banting because of the friends 
there even though I have to go through lots of obstacles like 
getting used to the place and follow their inappropriate rules
(some rules should be eradicate). There is a body which detects 
students who cut classes , who came late to class or break other
minor college rules and they are called JPPK. On  Monday morning, 
they’d send their red letters to students and students have to go
and do their explanation in the courtroom, sounded a little 
extreme here, but hey, I’m glad and kinda miss too, cause I won’t
have to argue with these JPPK people(also teachers). 
Due to my sickness towards the college I got home almost every
weekend and came back on Monday night, skipped the Monday  
classes, and later got that love letter. Hmmm.. now that’s 
understandable to receive that letter as I broke the rules..
but getting a letter due to 5 minutes late to class… it’s 
ridiculous. To make Banting even a lot worse is that the college 
is situated in the middle of nowhere, secluded, remote, isolated 
to the world advancement and surrounded with palm tress, nowadays
I have phobia to palm trees(an exaggeration ere’).

x-MCBians (our batch) 97/99 that hang around in mIRC
s8n _