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Welcome to the IRC friends page


February 1998 was the month of freedom, (holiday: Feb-May98), I 
didn’t work!!! Pretty much I just hung around in the house, eating,
sleeping, went out and spent away my parents’ money, I was 
like parasite to them, financially. Then, besides that, I lepak(lay 
park) in IRC, At first, I was in IRC to chat with my friends that
was studying abroad as calling them would be expensive. Then, I came
to know a channel called 1979 and really liked it a lot. Thanx to Kusa
and all the chatterz for making the channel an interesting place to 
be in.
    Somehow, I still can't figure out why there are still people who 
do not know about IRC (hey miss -love- blue, this goes for u)!!!! Why? 
Why? Why? I'm not talking about the people who don't use internet, I'm
talking here about the people who are in the internet but don't have 
a clue how Irc screen look like!!!!!Ummpphhh.(yes, I really want U to 
download one, and directly connect your irc server to undernet and check
this channel out #1979 !!!! Or go to #mamak or #kampung to meet 
malaysian irc friends.)

IRC!IRC!IRC! Why Brad is My Nick??? First of all, I think Brad is a universal nick, it depicts any races in the world, can be european, american, chinese, asian, malay(one in a million,maybe) etc. Irc people always associate brad’s nick with the brad pitt, and many thought I'm a fan of his. The truth is I'm not! Somehow, with this nick, it is so easy to make new Irc friends(wonder why??!).People might say I’m windbag or something, but the truth reason is, only hudd knows why Brad is my nick!!!! (keep the secret, will you .!) Well, some of my close friends called me ‘perasan brad pitt’!!!! hauhauhuahuahuhauhauhuahuhauhauhau ‘suka hati aku lar nak letak nick apa pun!!!!’ Freeman^ Freedommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this pages out!!!!

#1979 friends: check this out people!!!
Syed Hudd: hey, buddy, check this page out!!!
Kevin: Yo, ghaff, check this out!
LinFauzi: BUCKS
Shud: hey, check this out..
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