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true friends cheer me up like fire works

Count   on   me   throught   thick   and   thin,   friendship   that   will   never   end,   when   you're   weak   i'll   be   strong,   helping   each   other   to   carry   on.....

When i was alot younger friends come and go.... i don't really stick 
to certain  friends.. just befriends with everybody... as i get older,
i've just realised that i have lost many friends a long the way...and 
now it's even harder to find friends that can be depend on. Alhamdulilah,
that Allah create friends that can be called friends.

High School (lower secondary) The seaport years;
I was happy to be in Seaport, the school which taught me to be independant,
Seaport is a multi- race high school. i said that because we wouldn't say
which race was the majority.. we accept everyone.. and befriends with 
all races. I have the most wonderful crazy time from form one till form 
three. I was in the golden class (2,3 Emas). During this time, my 
friends and i haven't started talking about girls... i mean not really
into girls yet.. though some might talk about girls but none of us 
really have one. Here is some pics on the school day.... among the 
friends i used to hang out with are Jefry, Rafiz, Tanaraj, Nimalan,
Arif, Mui siong and Syed Hudd.

When I stayed in PJ before I move up to Bangsar, the neighbourhood was 
great. My friends’ houses are near by and always hangout at each others
house. I used to hang around at rezall’s house. His house was just 5 
steps from my house, okay maybe 5 big giant steps, well, the point is
very near-lor. He’s now working in sunway. He’s into computer.

My best friend also live in PJ. Who else but not Syed Hudd. He’s a KBU 
student. I always hang around at his house even after I moved to 
bangsar, I always lepak Pj and his house. Now that he has his own 
transport, he comes to my house off and on, and we usually hangs around 
maple’ Bangsar before it was closed though. We have a lot of things 
in common like exchanging vcds.. ehehhehehhe. Buddies forever! 

Lin Fauzi, BUCKS, my long time gf, hehehheehhe… now she’s my best 
friend.. I knew her since form one, like her a lot. She’s in USM. 
Lin, if u read this, I just wanna tell u, sorry is all that u can say,
years gone by and still, words don’t come easily, like sorry, forgive
me is all that u can say, years gone by and still, words don’t come 
easily like forgive me, baby can I hold u tonight, baby if I told u 
the right words in the right time, u’ll be mine… hehhehe. I bet you’ll
laugh like hell after reading this.hauhauhauhauhauah..

Shuhaida: true friendship last forever… Shud, a upm student, she a 
good friend of mine, thanx for being there when I needed someone to 
talk to!!!! Hey I’m coming to UPM soon, I bet that sentence pisses 
you off… heheehehehe

MRSM  PC years (Mara Junior Science College)
My first time being in  hostels. A few weeks, a few days in fact,
being there was like night mare to me. Not used of leaving home and 
away from family probably the reasons why I was so mad and feeling 
uncomfortable. I missed home pretty badly, call me mommy ’s boy, as 
I really missed my mom’s cooking. Having to bear with the DS (Dewan
Selera) ’s cooking was something that I have to get used to that 
time. One thing that I like to do was memorising the DS ’s menu so 
that I know which day I can have good food at lease by doing so I feel
better about everything. In the earlier stages, there were times where
I wished I didn’t enter this junior college. Later, things changed.

B3(my room and mates)
I was so lucky to be in this room even though the it was a little bit
dormlike room. There were 8 of us including myself. My roomates are 
Zack, Kevin, Naza, Amirul, Azlan, Misuari and  Burn (off and on). We 
really have great times together. Our room was among the major 
attraction of other students as each of us in the B3s bought  comics
regularly. We have the complete set each week, except sometimes some
of us purposely forget to but the comics, the reasons are tied budget,
but hell comics were some kind of entertainment to reduce our misery 
living in hostels. Something that all of us have in common was we 
didn’t smoke. When all of us were in the stage of major under 
pressure (like exams or medley in love terms), all of us would get 
       And the target was girl’s dorm, the next school. We have this 
binocular and all was peace of cake. Then, sometimes some of us cut 
classe and got caught.. Hahahahaha… It is really funny when thinking
 about it. Now all of us have our own path to go through Amirul is 
now in UTM, Naza is in UKM, Azlan is in PPP, Kevin (the only on of us)
is in the State, Zack and Misuari was in Mara College Banting but 
have been transfered to local u’s (the place are not yet to confirmed). Well, guys, I still miss those moments.

Gifted Generation (4G and 5G) 1995/1996
My class … the gifted generation, not so gifted after all, I think. We
ll, there were   of us that is
Girls: Aswani(now in UKM), Hasleera(not sure), Mc’ah(not sure), Linda(not
sure), Mazni(USM), Azlilah(UKM), Ima(KYPM Cheras), Suriati (the only 
one of my classmate that futher her studies abroad) , Haliza(UKM) and
Boys: Azri(Unitele), Arif(Unitele), Khairul(PPP), Hakimi(not sure),
Chipu(UTM), Fatah(not sure), Razi(USM), Fadzli(USM), Yusman(MCC Kuantan) 
and Piye(UTM).
WE have gone through so many things especially going under pressure of
SPM ang got all tense up… and SPM is way over now but the pressure is 
still there. Why uh?? Afraid of not succeeding, maybe.

I on behave of G class(95-96) would definitely wanna thank a few 
teachers that help us out through SPM,Cikgu Nik Faridah (our english
teacher and my beloved homeroom advisor)
Ustazah Ainon ( ugama teacher) 
Pn. Hasnah ( our Chemistry teacher that always has real life stories 
that depicted chemistry) 

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