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Family;   till   death   do   us   part,   in   heaven   do   we   meet

I'm the 4th in the family, altogether there is 8 members is my family,
including my parents. So, i guess, here i want to say out loud how 
important my family is to me and needless to say,how much i care and 
love them all.

Papa   and   Mama

How do i live without em' both??? i want to would survive. 
Just would like them to know that they are really special to me.. 
Here are some facts about my family;

Papa: He’s the Generel Manager of Trade Union Malaysia. He’s the big 
boss at work and big boss at home, he is an understanding and caring 
man . He’s like a model father. He’s good with tools too. He can be 
a technician if he wants to or a plumber, or I’ll say he’s a all- rouder.
Hopefully I can be like him someday. He likes to play computer games 
to, he introduces Age of Empires to my sister , and now my sister is 
playing it too. 

Mama: She’s a house wife now. She has stopped working since I was born.
Then, she bacame a fulltime housewife but actively involve with 
business, not that fulltime… and now as she’s the wife of generel 
manager, she has to attend the Puspanita meeting off and on. She’s a 
loving,caring and understanding mother. I can’t ask for more, as I
already have the best mother in the world. She’s a good cook. She’s
like a factory that creates love, and always have enough love to give
and show to all of her children. She’s also a particular person and 
she corrects our english usage since we are little kids. She likes
hindustan’s songs and films. She’s beautiful too like hindi’s superstar.

Ridzuan,the eldest brother : He’s a cool older brother. He’s 10 years
older than me. Even though it is quite a big range of years we are 
close with each other. He’s really good in computer. Hope someday I 
can be a computer hack like him. heheheh. He has got married April, 
and expecting to have a baby, somewhere in April 98 and I’m gonna be 
an uncle… great!!!

Sally,the elder sister: She is also actively into mIRC and has a lot 
of IRC ‘s  friends. She’s now a school teacher in chinese school and
teaches english.  She is married to a Sarawakian, Abang Hipni. He’s 
a great brother in law too. She’s the spy of the family, any news
concerning our family and relatives she’ll know it first and all of
us has to dig it out from her. She has a very nice laugh and a caring 

Lin,the elder sister: She has just graduated from Syracuse University,
 NY, USA. She hasn’t started working yet, and in the mean time I’ll 
hangout with her if not with my friends. Very sporting person, and I 
can count on her when it comes to gift or present. She got back from
the States and brought home Ck t-shirts, jeans, perfumes, cool t-shirts
and caps for me. Fanatic player of ‘Age Of Empires’

Ed,the younger brother: He’s a guitarist. He’s the only one in the 
family that can play msuic instrument.  He plays giutar everyday and 
can’t get his hands off it once started.  He’s a SM Bangsar student. 
I always go swimming with him. He’s a prefect in his school and very 
active in the extra co-curicular activities. A good milo maker too and 
has this ability to laugh before telling certain jokes. 

Zack,the youngest brother: He a street fighter.. well, he practises 
silat, active in badmintons, and  go swimming with him too. He’s a 
fanatic fan of siti nurhaliza, he has all siti’s cds, he buys all the
magazines where siti is the cover girl, he records all siti’s programme
and even make a hp contributed to siti nurhaliza.. not fanatic enough? 
tell me about it! 

'Sacrifice is easier to be done when u do it for someone you love'

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