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IB   ENGINEERING   1&2   facts   and   infos

Hatim The Selayang guy, dreaming of becoming a computer hack!!! A long way to go, pal, learn from me first!!!!!! One of the famous faces in college, hey, an MPP candidate!!!(bagi naik saham ko skitt) Always there when we are discussing about PC and stuff. The Ib engine called us the cyber club members, and that’d be me, hatim, Shiraz, and Meor!! These days he's my bestfriend, accompany me during the night hours, in the net!!!!!!!!!!!!
John One of the sober person in class, but once he got his crazy mood, he’d go wild!!! Also one of the people who match make my roomate with that girl. His room is the major attraction to the Ib Egr. Usually be the port to most of our night activities. Funny thing was IB always slept much later than the Alevel students, we the nocturnal students, were very proud as an IB students.
Imran The never stop talking guy!!! Never out of words… to see him in silent can be something unusual and weird!!! One of my friends In MRSMPC and now still in the same college.. damn!!! Some called him the Maggie man!!! Wait until he started singing…….
Fuad The only Kelantanese in our class. Due to the loneliness he felt being away and apart of his other kelantanese friends, he had to speak in standard Malay language, and he did successfully! The person who reccomended me to know someone ….(history,already!!)
Fadzli(Kuyak) One of the people who often being rumbled by fellas classmate! Always has something ironic and funny to say or he’d just gave sarcastic remarks to make fun of others.
Meor The guy who have many girls in contact!!! Why I say that, person who sells oil (jual minyak!!).. what do u call that?, casanova, playboy, whatever!! He has an amazing school education background, cause he was an ex batu Lanchang student, just like me!!!! One of the cyber club members!!
Shahrul(gabra) hmmmm.. what shall I say about this guy! The only person in IB Egr. that has an awkward slang, which lord knows from where he got it! A mixed of american, british, australian and all other english speaking countries!! I don’t know but frankly it sounded teribble to me!! Very confident of himself though, and a little less than straight. Hauhauhuaha.. kidding!?!?
Zack The Abang Long of Egr. 1 class. His birthday is just a day later than mine. A dragonball fan, he has his own collection, as usual, he collected, we read!!
Rashid He’s the reflection of the good side of my class IB Egr. 2. This will be the guy who completed his homework, and not to mention the favourite student of Miss Rock!! The only person who’d agree to follow if I ever go to the library!! One of the sober people in Egr.2!!!